Hi! I'm Nancy. This is a blog I made to list some of the many little things we should appreciate. Here are life's simple pleasures that are often overlooked. The everyday ounces of happiness that are right under your nose. Enjoy!



Just Little Things: A Celebration of Life's Simple Pleasures is now officially released! Grab a copy if you haven't already! Available in some stores and online-retailers:



Order a signed copy of the book below! Click here for more info. *Note: Prices listed below also covers shipping & handling within the U.S.


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Request A Signed Book

Quite a few have asked me if it was possible to buy signed copies of the Just Little Things book for themselves or for their loved ones. I will be more than happy to send autographed books to you at no extra cost! :) The books will be the standard price of $15.00, as printed by the barcode of the book. You will just have to pay for the shipping and handling. I will only ship within the U.S.

Follow these steps:

  1. Select how many signed books you would like on the drop-down menu on the sidebar of this blog under “BUY A SIGNED COPY.” Note: Prices listed covers both the book AND shipping and handling.
  2. Click on the “Buy Now” button.
  3. Enter in information on the PayPal order page. Note: I will ship the books to the name/address you entered into the PayPal order page, and I will use the email you entered in the PayPal page to contact you (i.e. tell you when the book(s) are shipped).
  4. Review your order and confirm.
  5. Optional: If you have specific requests (e.g. personalized message, date below signature), email me at justlittlethingsblog(at)gmail(dot)com within 24 hours after completing your order. For example: "My name is Nancy Vu. I have just ordered 3 signed copies of your book. I would like one of them to be signed and dated, the second one to be dedicated to Amy, and the last one to just have a signature."

Once I receive your payment, I will start preparing your book(s) for shipment. The autograph will be located on the title page of the book. If you requested an inscription/dedication, it will be put there as well. The books will be sent through the USPS standard shipping service, and will get to you in about one week, depending on whether or not I have to order more books and where you live from CA.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me!


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