Hi! I'm Nancy. This is a blog I made to list some of the many little things we should appreciate. Here are life's simple pleasures that are often overlooked. The everyday ounces of happiness that are right under your nose. Enjoy!



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Master List

Everything is clickable! Click on the links to go to the individual blog post of each “little thing.” If you’re searching for one in particular, use the shortcut Ctrl+F (PCs) or Cmd+F (Macs) and then enter key words or phrases. 

1. People with laugh lines.

2. Fresh-cut fruit.

3. Classic Disney movies.

4. Fuzzy socks.

5. Friendly cashiers.

6. A clean public restroom.

7. Making someone smile.

8. Opening a brand-new book.

9. A compliment from a stranger.

10. Finally being able to understand something.

11. Being the only one to know a secret. 

12. Old couples holding hands.

13. Making a perfect signature.

14. Finding out that someone feels the same way as you do.

15. When strangers thank you after you held the door for them.

16. Long road trips at night.

17. Long hours of sleep.

18. Having a blank to-do list.

19. Looking at old photographs.

20. Coming up with a username that’s not taken.

21. A hot shower on a cold day.

22. Positive feedback on an essay you worked hard on.

23. Your favorite song on replay.

24. People who love you despite your flaws.

25. Cute sneezes.

26. People who smile despite their circumstances.

27. When someone remembers the things you say.

28. The originality of each person’s handwriting.

29. Thick, soft bath towels.

30. The first minutes after you crawl into bed.

31. Being with the person you love.

32. The first swim of the summer.

33. Sleeping on freshly washed sheets.

34. Fresh-baked bread.

35. Looking through school work from when you were young.

36. The smell after it rains.

37. Getting to the crosswalk right as the “walk” sign lights up.

38. Seeing someone’s face light up when you give them a gift.

39. Holding hands.

40. Waking up with perfect hair.

41. Putting in the last piece of a puzzle.

42. Driving on an empty road.

43. The sound of a little kid’s uncontrollable laughter.

44. Songs that bring back memories.

45. People who accept your weirdness.

46. Onesies.

47. When a baby holds your finger.

48. Finally finding that missing sock.

49. Hugs from behind.

50. Texts from your loved one.

51. When people remember you after meeting you only once.

52. Doing well on a test you didn’t study for.

53. Looking at raindrops travel across your car window.

54. Playground swings.

55. The smell of breakfast in the morning.

56. When your day turns out great even though your plans didn’t work out.

57. When your favorite band comes on stage at a concert.

58. Singing along to the car radio.

59. Kisses on the forehead.

60. Making a baby laugh.

61. Watching shows from your childhood.

62. Being wrapped in a blanket on a rainy day.

63. Being loved.

64. When your hair actually cooperates with you.

65. That one person who knows you better than you know yourself.

66. Long, tight hugs.

67. Star-gazing.

68. Being liked by your significant other’s family.

69. Kept promises.

70. Getting mail.

71. When your favorite song comes up on your music player.

72. Wearing warm clothes that came right out of the dryer.

73. Getting new clothes.

74. Driving on a nice day with the windows down.

75. A smile from a stranger.

76. The first scoop out of a jar of peanut butter.

77. Inside jokes.

78. Wearing your favorite sweatshirt.

79. The feeling after finishing a really good book.

80. Making your parents proud.

81. The smell of freshly cut grass.

82. The cool side of the pillow.

83. When a person tells you that you were missed.

84. Hot chocolate on rainy days.

85. Being awake while everyone else is sleeping.

86. Not having any work to do over the weekend.

87. Candid photos.

88. Breakfast for dinner.

89. Popping bubble wrap.

90. Dimples.

91. Feeling yourself get better from a cold.

92. Silence that isn’t awkward.

93. Cuddling.

94. Unexpected gifts.

95. Building forts as a kid.

96. Finding money in the laundry.

97. Finally peeing after holding it in for a long time.

98. A stream of good songs playing on the radio.

99. When you finally remember what you came into the room for.

100. When someone defends you in an argument.

101. The first rain after a long drought.

102. Having time for yourself.

103. The sound of popcorn popping.

104. Marathons of your favorite shows.

105. Seeing your loved one smile and knowing you put it there.

106. The smell of a new book.

107. Continuous green lights when you’re driving.

108. The sound of a cat purring.

109. Stumbling across really old songs but still being able to remember all the lyrics.

110. Good morning texts.

111. A summer tan.

112. A pen that works really well.

113. Finding something you lost a long time ago.

114. Catchy/amusing commercials.

115. Never-ending conversations.

116. Singing in the shower.

117. Naps.

118. Jeans that fit perfectly.

119. The freedom of being home alone.

120. Catching up with a friend.

121. Taking a ride on a shopping cart.

122. A child’s imagination.

123. Getting new school supplies.

124. Christmas lights at night.

125. Deep conversations with your best friend.

126. Finally eating the food you’ve been craving.

127. Songs that make you want to dance.

128. When the team you’re rooting for wins.

129. The first snowfall of the winter.

130. Writing/drawing on foggy windows.

131. Waking up and realizing you have more time to sleep.

132. Being in a great mood for no particular reason.

133. Hearing that you were in someone’s dream.

134. The smell of home-made cooking.

135. Magazine perfume samples.

136. When a little kid draws you a picture.

137. Realizing your period is over.

138. Knowing all the lines to your favorite movie.

139. Taking off your bra at the end of the day.

140. Finishing a final exam.

141. Correct grammar.

142. People who treat their parents lovingly.

143. An eraser that doesn’t smudge.

144. Getting the perfect parking spot.

145. Being warmly greeted by someone.

146. The first bite into a crisp apple.

147. Random acts of kindness.

148. Drinking cold water when you’re really thirsty.

149. When you finally remember the name of the song that’s been stuck in your head.

150. Crunchy, seedless grapes.

151. When you wake up and actually remember your dream.

152. Getting dismissed on the last day of school.

153. When you and a friend say the same thing at the same time.

154. Proving a smart person wrong.

155. The sound of a perfect high-five.

156. The smell of shampoo in your hair after a shower.

157. Nicknames.

158. A large bag of your favorite snack all for yourself.

159. A perfect cup of coffee.

160. Treating yourself to a guilty pleasure.

161. Parking your car at the same time a song ends.

162. Old home videos.

163. Fresh air.

164. When someone says “bless you” after you sneeze.

165. The new car smell.

166. When your parents say “yes” instead of the expected “no.”

167. Looking at old yearbooks.

168. Free stuff.

169. Running through sprinklers in the summer.

170. When the butter melts on your toast.

171. Cheesy pick-up lines.

172. Long-lasting nail polish.

173. Eating ice cream straight from the tub.

174. Guitar solos.

175. Well-mannered young children.

176. The feeling after finishing all your homework.

177. When someone tells you that you smell nice.

178. A new toothbrush.

179. Reading books from your childhood.

180. Eating with chopsticks.

181. Late night phone conversations.

182. Sunshine after a rainy day.

183. Accents.

184. When the week goes by really fast.

185. The first hug from someone you haven’t seen in a long time.

186. Instant friendships.

187. Peeling off dried glue.

188. When the person you love smiles at you.

189. Uncontrollable smiles.

190. When your friends like your new hairstyle.

191. Spontaneous adventures.

192. The feel of freshly shaved skin.

193. The first flavorful chews on a new piece of gum.

194. People who smell good.

195. When the food you enjoy eating is healthy.

196. Opening the fridge and finding good food to eat.

197. Finding out your dress has pockets.

198. Being unable to finish a sentence because you’re laughing so hard about the ending.

199. Taking off high-heels at the end of the day.

200. Snow days.

201. The look of a room after you clean it.

202. Scratch-and-sniff stickers.

203. Forgetting to set your alarm but waking up just on time.

204. Scented candles.

205. Perfectly painted nails.

206. Making someone laugh really hard.

207. The fresh, clean feeling after a shower.

208. Peeling a banana without bruising the end.

209. The perfect shower temperature.

210. Warm cookies from the oven.

211. A nice cup of tea.

212. Wearing your pajamas all day.

213. Driving on a smooth road.

214. Waking up just before your alarm goes off.

215. Eating ice cream in hot weather.

216. A baby’s chubby cheeks.

217. Finding money in your pocket.

218. Eating cookie dough.

219. Bubble baths.

220. Handwritten letters.

221. Teachers you can joke with.

222. Falling asleep to the sound of rain.

223. Licking the yogurt lid.

224. Seeing a baby yawn.

225. When you finish writing right at the end of the page.

226. Getting a good score on a test you thought was hard.

227. Midnight snacks.

228. Using a language you learned in real life.

229. Contagious laughter.

230. A full tank of gas.

231. When someone plays with your hair.

232. A good stretch after sleeping.

233. Breakfast in bed.

234. Crossing things off your to-do list.

235. Piggy-back rides.

236. Waking up with clear skin.

237. Overhearing someone say nice things about you.

238. When people love your art work.

239. When your fortune cookie / horoscope is accurate.

240. Remembering stories of how you met someone.

241. Achieving the perfect milk to cereal ratio.

242. The sound a soda can makes when you open it.

243. When a person’s laugh is funnier than the joke.

244. Writing on the first page of a notebook.

245. When someone holds the door open for you.

246. Bendy straws.

247. When someone understands your humor.

248. Smiling in the middle of a kiss.

249. Clever puns.

250. Doodling.

251. Writing with a freshly sharpened pencil.

252. The feeling after a good workout.

253. Collapsing into your bed after a long day.

254. Perfect weather.

255. Hearing someone whistle.

256. Flipping to the right page of a book on the first try.

257. Hitting the high note.

258. Solving a really difficult math problem correctly.

259. Sleeping in your own bed after being away.

260. Waking up and not feeling tired.

261. Putting on a fresh pair of contacts.

262. Being lifted off the ground during a hug.

263. Songs that match your mood.

264. When the lights start to dim before a movie begins.

265. Easy-to-peel citrus fruits.

266. Friendship bracelets.

267. Knowing all the words to a song.

268. Walking barefoot on grass.

269. Stapling a finished essay together.

270. Finally finding a comfortable sleeping position.

271. Your pet’s excitement when you come home.

272. The first day of wearing shorts after the winter.

273. Untouched snow.

274. Your favorite part of a song.

275. A warm towel after a shower.

276. When people enjoy the food you make.

277. The first drop of a rollercoaster ride.

278. Finishing the whole tube of lip balm.

279. The first bite of a slice of pizza.

280. Surprising people with a talent they never knew you had.

281. The smell of old books.

282. Taking a perfect picture.

283. Twisting the lid of a jar when no one else was able to.

284. The fresh feeling after brushing your teeth.

285. Saturday morning cartoons.

286. Perfectly peeling off a price sticker.

287. The first signs of spring.

288. The first shower after a haircut.

289. The first time a person says your name.

290. When you catch someone cute staring at you.

291. Compliments even when you look like a mess.

292. Letting chocolate melt in your mouth.

293. When people take care of you when you’re sick.

294. Girl Scout cookies.

295. Walking into class and seeing a substitute teacher.

296. The feeling after finishing an oral presentation.

297. Watching a new episode of your favorite TV show.

298. When you catch something that was thrown to you from far away.

299. When you perfectly separate an Oreo.

300. Arriving at the bus stop right on time.

301. When someone is excited to see you.

302. Realizing it’s Friday.

303. When your turn signal goes along with the beat of the music you’re listening to.

304. When other families treat you like a member.

305. Questions on a test that give away answers to other questions.

306. Freckles.

307. Waking up and realizing your bad dream wasn’t real.

308. Getting your hair washed at the salon.

309. When the last item in a store is your size.

310. The first bite of food when you’re really hungry.

311. Being told you’ve made someone’s day.

312. The first time wearing new clothes.

313. The brief moment of silence when you drive under an overpass on a rainy day.

314. Not wearing makeup and being able to rub your eyes.

315. Finally releasing your laughter after trying to hold it in.

316. When the vending machine gives your more than you paid for.

317. When someone replies back instantly.

318. Realizing your hiccups are gone.

319. Feeling the warmth of the sun on your skin.

320. Flipping to a new month on your calendar.

321. Accomplishing something before the microwave beeps.

322. Being called beautiful.

323. Walking through puddles in rain boots.

324. The smell of fresh laundry.

325. Rereading old conversations.

326. Catching something before it hits the ground.

327. When one of your favorite movies is on television.

328. Finding out that someone does the same weird things as you do.

329. The smell of a campfire.

330. Watching someone you love sleep.

331. Using exactly 160 characters in a text.

332. When you see your food coming in a restaurant.

333. Receiving birthday wishes on your Facebook.

334. Finding out that something is cheaper than you thought it was.

335. Hearing people cheer for you.

336. Finding out that someone likes you.

337. When you feel accomplished at the end of the day.

338. Turning on the TV just in time.

339. Finding out there isn’t a back side to a worksheet.

340. Seeing bus drivers wave to each other.

341. Hearing people refer to you as their friend for the first time.

342. Being complimented on an insecurity.

343. Rapping an entire part of a song perfectly.

344. The tininess of baby clothes and shoes.

345. When someone puts a blanket over you while you’re asleep.

346. Scents that remind you of good memories.

347. The feeling you get after you sneeze.

348. When someone saves you a seat.

349. When the stoplight turns green before you begin to brake.

350. When a deadline is extended.

351. When the elevator door opens right away.

352. Being the first to applaud in the audience.

353. The sound of crickets at night.

354. Peeling an orange in one piece.

355. When your favorite artist comes out with a new album.

356. Using brand-new markers.

357. Changing into sweatpants.

358. The feeling of relief after finding something you lost.

359. Tearing out a piece of perforated paper perfectly.

360. When you finally remember the word you had on the tip of your tongue.

361. Discovering a new song and instantly loving it.

362. The smell of a barbecue.

363. Feeling confident when turning in an exam.

364. Being able to fall asleep right away.

365. Moving faster than the rest of traffic when using the carpool lane.

366. The warmth of printed paper.

367. Being ahead of schedule.

368. Answering a question correctly in class.

369. When a person genuinely asks you how your day was.

370. Waking up next to the one you love.

371. Having exact change.

372. Summer nights.

373. The smell of popcorn in a movie theater.

374. Receiving an invitation.

375. When the lights go off at a concert.

376. Hearing crumbs getting sucked up by the vacuum cleaner.

377. Hearing interesting stories about yourself when you were little.

378. People who love their job.

379. Cleaning your ears after a shower.

380. Letting your hair down after it’s been tied up all day.

381. City lights at night.

382. When the airplane takes off / lands.

383. Watching bloopers.

384. Seeing the street lights turn on/off.

385. Waking up on your birthday.

386. Taking a shower after camping.

387. The color of people’s eyes.

388. The look on the groom’s face as he watches his bride walk down the aisle on their big day.

389. When your online order finally arrives.

390. Removing masking tape after painting.

391. Walking into an air-conditioned building after being outside in the heat.

392. The sound of the ocean.

393. When you actually like the assigned reading.

394. When you finally see the car that’s coming to pick you up.

395. Listening to your grandparents tell stories.

396. Pretty skies.

397. Cold showers in the summer.

398. When scissors glide across wrapping paper.

399. Tossing something in the trash and making it in.

400. Immature moments with your friends.

401. When everybody’s in a good mood.

402. When someone wants to take a picture with you.

403. The look of freshly vacuumed carpet.

404. Accomplishing something people thought you couldn’t.

405. Finding out that you’re having your favorite meal for dinner.

406. Being in the car while it is going through the car wash.

407. Getting in line just before it gets long.

408. The fresh feeling after washing your face.

409. Coming home after being away for a while.

410. The scent of your loved one on your clothes.

411. Hearing good results from the dentist.

412. Reading your old diaries/journals.

413. When a stranger helps you pick up something you dropped.

414. When the DJ plays the song you requested.

415. When the vending machine finally accepts your dollar bill.

416. Accelerating after being in a traffic jam.

417. A full pantry/fridge after grocery shopping.

418. The feel of your hair when you wash out the conditioner.

419. The feeling after watching a really good movie.

420. Hanging up new clothes in your closet.

421. Holding a baby in your arms.

422. Finding a good source for your research paper.

423. Using a new bar of soap.

424. Jumping into a pool on a hot day.

425. Rereading your favorite book.

426. Seeing pictures of your parents when they were younger.

427. Successfully doing something on the first try.

428. Getting a hug from a little kid.

429. When the 2-pack of Starburst has both your favorite flavors.

430. The sound of soda being poured into a glass of ice.

431. When your pet cuddles up next to you.

432. Using a new tube of toothpaste.

433. Putting on dry clothes after swimming.

434. Taking a shower after a day at the beach.

435. Seeing people use/wear a gift you gave them.

436. Seeing sunshine fill the room as you open the blinds/curtains.

437. Making eye contact with a person who knows what you’re thinking without saying a word.

438. Getting the last of something before it’s gone.

439. Adding new skills and experiences to your résumé.

440. Finally getting out what was stuck in your teeth.

441. Drinking the leftover milk after eating the cereal.

442. When you see your luggage at the baggage claim in the airport.

443. Getting the piece of chocolate you wanted out of an assorted box.

444. When someone you haven’t seen in a long time still remembers you.

445. Fully-charged battery.

446. Cool summer breezes.

447. Getting a magazine in the mail.

448. Revisiting favorite childhood places.

449. Seeing elderly people who are full of life.

450. Good dreams.

451. Drawing a straight line freehand.

452. When someone comes running to hug you.

453. Seeing batter/dough rise in the oven.

454. Changing into pajamas after you get home from a formal event.

455. Stretching after a long car ride.

456. Being able to hear someone’s voice as you read a message.

457. When a whole group of people laughs at your joke.

458. When the restroom doesn’t have a line.

459. Dramatically singing along to your favorite song.

460. The feel of wearing new socks.

461. Listening to little kids talk.

462. Being able to breathe through your nose after a cold.

463. Finding the perfect gift for someone.

464. The concern people show you when you get injured.

465. Hearing your favorite song in a store.

466. When the parking meter already has time in it.

467. Taking off your shoes and socks after a long day.

468. Hearing someone smile over the phone.

469. Finally finding a parking spot in a crowded parking lot.

470. Planting seeds and seeing sprouts come up.

471. Having someone look up to you as a role model.

472. Sprinkling cupcakes.

473. The first scoop of ice cream from the tub.

474. When a baby falls asleep in your arms.

475. When you glance over at someone, and he/she is already looking at you.

476. Unique names.

477. Looking over a test and catching a mistake.

478. The coziness of a new sweatshirt.

479. Finding the person you’re looking for in a crowd.

480. The smell of coffee in the morning.

481. When a person enjoys something you recommended.

482. The feeling after washing off a face mask.

483. When someone gives you a hug for the first time.

484. Getting in a freshly-made bed.

485. The way hair looks underwater.

486. Crisp dollar bills.

487. When little kids reach to hold your hand.

488. The first breath of air after coming up from underwater.

489. Coming up with a good idea.

490. When your food arrives earlier than you thought it would.

491. When it rains for the first time after a long summer.

492. When you drop something and see it didn’t break.

493. Wrapping up in a blanket that just came out of the dryer.

494. Going to bed knowing you can sleep as long as you want.

495. The sound when you open a new bottle of water.

496. When a person hugs back tighter.

497. Remembering there are good leftovers from the day before.

498. When someone else initiates the conversation.

499. Realizing you have more time to get things done than you thought.

500. Looking back and realizing how far you’ve come.

501. Feeling the cool wind on your face when you bike.

502. When your tie-dye shirt comes out amazing.

503. Food samples.

504. Reading an intense part of a book.

505. Being content with your new haircut.

506. Going through all the photos you took at the end of the day.

507. Discovering more fries at the bottom of the bag.

508. Getting your hair brushed.

509. Successfully slipping through a slowly closing door.

510. Sunrises/sunsets.

511. Burping when you’re full from eating.

512. The smell of your skin after a shower.

513. Stepping to the beat of the song you’re listening to.

514. The smooth surface of a new jar of spread.

515. Listening to new songs added to your music player.

516. Crossing something off your bucket list.

517. Getting a compliment you never received before.

518. Walking into a fragrance store.

519. Finishing homework in class.

520. Colors of autumn.

521. Getting an extra hour at the end of daylight savings.

522. When the power comes back after an outage.

523. Seeing your breath on cold days.

524. When you try something on and it fits perfectly.

525. Seasonal beverages during the holidays.

526. When you make it inside just as it starts to rain.

527. The feeling you get after putting on chapstick.

528. When you talk to an old friend and it’s like nothing has changed.

529. Finding out that the item you bought is eco-friendly.

530. Getting a rush of ideas after a writer’s block.

531. Holiday music on the radio.

532. When you wake up from a nap and realize time barely passed.

533. Feeling safe and warm inside when it’s raining outside.

534. The sound of fallen autumn leaves crunching under your feet. 

535. Being surrounded by people you love.

536. City skylines.

537. Signing artwork after finishing it.

538. Unfolding a paper snowflake.

539. Hearing your favorite song live at a concert.

540. Shaving with a new razor.

541. Lighting candles during a power outage.

542. The shower after a workout.

543. The relief of telling someone a secret you’ve kept hidden.

544. Songs that give you the chills.

545. Discovering something you forgot you had.

546. Lit-up Christmas trees.

547. When your teacher uses your work as a good example.

548. A good back crack.

549. Silence after a busy day.

550. Walking into a heated building after being outside in the cold.

551. A nice, inspiring conversation with a stranger.

552. Warming up next to the fireplace.

553. The morning after a night of rain.

554. The way the sun shines on water.

555. Hearing how people met.

556. Perfectly wrapping a present.

557. Realizing your cramps are gone.

558. Making the first tracks in fresh snow.

559. When you pick up your phone right before receiving a call/message.

560. Crawling back into a warm bed.

561. Getting dressed up.

562. Having all the ingredients you need for a recipe.

563. Quality bonding time.

564. Movies that make you laugh out loud.

565. When someone puts into words what you were struggling to say.

566. When people remember your birthday.

567. The sound when you pop a cork.

568. The moment before a kiss.

569. Discovering a new favorite food.

570. Silence after turning off your alarm.

571. Late-night fast food runs.

572. The moment when you finally find the person you’re looking for.

573. Mix CDs.

574. Seeing your parents smile at each other.

575. When your pet falls asleep on your lap.

576. When someone remembers the things you like.

577. Grabbing a tissue just in time before sneezing.

578. When you get a baby to stop crying.

579. The sound of raindrops on your umbrella.

580. When you try a new recipe and the food turns out delicious.

581. Completing a DIY project.

582. Wrapping your cold hands around a cup of a warm drink.

583. Seeing someone read your favorite book.

584. When someone offers the rest of their food to you.

585. Quick downloads.

586. Changing into dry clothes after being soaked in the rain.

587. Getting praised in class.

588. Not getting caught.

589. When your phone rings and it’s a person you were hoping it’d be.

590. Fixing something broken.

591. Seeing a nearby stranger laugh at you and your friend’s amusing conversation.

592. Beating your high score.

593. When you say “bye” to a group and they all say it back.

594. A smile from someone who doesn’t do it often.

595. The first sip from a can of soda.

596. Learning a new song on a musical instrument.

597. Good story-tellers.

598. When your hair stays where you want it to.

599. Finishing a book in one sitting.

600. Seeing a full moon.

601. Discovering a new band/artist.

602. When your favorite store has a sale.

603. Being the bearer of good news.

604. When an event you had been dreading turns out to be okay.

605. Valentine’s Day treats.

606. Finding the most flavor-coated chip in the bag.

607. The “thank you” wave from other drivers.

608. Good seats at the movie theater.

609. Receiving your first paycheck.

610. Being in a person’s profile picture.

611. Hearing an old song you used to love.

612. Finding a curly fry in your order of regular fries.

613. When something you like goes on sale.

614. Reading unexpected plot twists.

615. Tears from laughing so hard.

616. Being told you’re good at what you love doing.

617. When people drive you home and wait until you unlock the door before driving away.

618. Watching the cream mix in your coffee.

619. When you’re about to leave and your friend tells you to stay.

620. Falling asleep and waking up in someone’s arms.

621. Getting told that your advice was helpful.

622. When you notice people trying to be quiet because they think you’re asleep.

623. Being able to pull through a parking space.

624. Successfully untying a difficult knot.

625. When a teacher grades exams/assignments quickly.

626. Sitting down after being on your feet all day.

627. Finding the perfect dress for an event.

628. When a stranger stops the elevator door from closing on you.

629. A compliment from someone you look up to.

630. Drinking out of your favorite mug.

631. Running your tongue over your teeth after getting your braces off.

632. Knowing the answer to the question when no one else does.

633. Laughing all of a sudden because you remembered something funny.

634. When a person asks if you made it home safely.

635. When you ears pop and you can hear everything clearly again.

636. Handwritten messages inside greeting cards.

637. Arriving on time when you thought you wouldn’t.

638. When somebody notices your new haircut.

639. Being asked to dance.

640. Finally getting an eyelash out of your eye.

641. The chocolate at the bottom of an ice cream cone.

642. When someone pronounces your name correctly.

643. Realizing there’s a sequel to a book you loved.

644. When someone brings you back a souvenir from a trip.

645. Peeling the plastic film off a newly purchased item.

646. The smell of the ocean.

647. Having something to look forward to.

648. The first step into a warm bath.

649. The satisfaction of scratching an itch.

650. Making up with someone after a fight.

651. Finding a song that describes exactly how you feel.

652. The glow of a candlelight.

653. Passing by a body of water during a road trip.

654. The sound of heels clicking.

655. Coming home to the smell of good food.

656. When a baby smiles at you.

657. When the bus driver waits for you.

658. Getting the water out of your ears after swimming.

659. The first really warm day of the year.

660. When a package you ordered arrives earlier than you expected it to.

661. Being dressed perfectly for the day’s weather.

662. When no one notices your embarrassing moment.

663. The sound of birds chirping in the morning.

664. When a little kid wants to sit on your lap.

665. When someone calls you their best friend.

666. Turning a page when studying and realizing there’s only a couple of lines left.

667. Finding money you didn’t know you had.

668. Being forgiven.

669. When your birthday month has the best picture on the calendar.

670. When your dog comes to you when called.

671. When all the kernels pop in your bag of microwave popcorn.

672. The glue that sticks to the back of gift cards.

673. A hug when you need one most.

674. Having an outfit already planned.

675. An ice cold drink on a really hot day.

676. Bonding with someone you never expected to.

677. Plugging in your laptop just before it dies.

678. When people do things for you without being asked.

679. The feeling after recovering from a brain freeze.

680. Seeing kids do something you taught them.

681. Being alone in a public restroom.

682. When you make a reference to something and someone gets it.

683. Good listeners.

684. Finally listening to the song you’ve had stuck in your head.

685. Pulling out a weed and getting all the roots out with it.

686. Taking your contacts out after a long day.

687. Going through an old box full of childhood things.

688. The first day of summer.

689. When a person doesn’t let go from a hug even after you do.

690. Receiving a dog’s unconditional love.

691. Creating a perfect swirl of ice cream from a self-serve machine.

692. Making a good first impression.

693. Late-night summer drives.

694. Books that are able to make you laugh/cry.

695. The feeling of sand between your toes.

696. Getting praised for something you put a lot of time and effort into.

697. Inspirational teachers.

698. Getting paid.

699. The chubbiness of a baby’s cheeks.

700. When a good song starts to play right when you turn on the radio.

701. When you receive a compliment on something you bought at a thrift store.

702. Going out to eat.

703. Meeting someone with the same music taste as you.

704. When a show finally comes back on after a long commercial break.

705. When someone sincerely tells you that it was nice to meet you.

706. When a slow driver in front of you changes lanes.

707. Summer rain.

708. The smell of sunscreen.

709. Buying something you saved money for.

710. Backrubs.

711. When someone spells your name correctly.

712. Bonfires.

713. Looking over the new stuff you just bought.

714. The moment when a rollercoaster starts to move.

715. Season premieres of your favorite TV show.

716. When people call you right when you were about to call them.

717. When someone is just as excited about something as you are.

718. Waking up in a good mood.

719. When someone stands up for you.

720. Finally getting a joke.

721. Finally arriving at your destination after a long journey.

722. Watching fireworks.

723. The sound of crackling firewood.

724. Hearing the doorbell ring when you’re expecting visitors.

725. Achieving familial status at a friend’s house.

726. The feeling of freshly shaved legs against bed sheets.

727. When you finish your shampoo and conditioner at the same time.

728. When people tell you they saw something that reminded them of you.

729. Unintentional puns.

730. When you and your close friend are mistaken for siblings.

731. Sleeping with the windows open in the summer.

732. Discovering that someone still has a gift you gave them a long time ago.

733. Finally finding the edge of a roll of tape.

734. Coming home from work.

735. Getting classes with your friends.

736. Correctly guessing the next song on shuffle.

737. Teaching someone a new skill and watching their face light up when they get it.

738. Wearing new underwear.

739. When you laugh so hard no noise comes out.

740. Falling asleep in the car.

741. When people come to you for advice.

742. Finally seeing someone you’ve missed.

743. When someone knows your “usual.”

744. When the clothes you bought online fit you perfectly.

745. The smell of your shampoo after you let your hair down.

746. Beating a personal record.

747. Using an item you brought just in case.

748. Getting lost in a book.

749. Being the first to know.

750. Free Wi-Fi.

751. Seeing all your friends again on the first day of school.

752. When people say they like your handwriting.

753. After-dinner mints at a restaurant.

754. When someone uses a photo you took as their profile picture.

755. Recognition for hard work.

756. When your pet rests their head on you.

757. When people are protective over you.

758. Unexpected compliments.

759. Finishing something earlier than you thought you would.

760. Receiving good advice.

761. Lazy weekends.

762. Night swimming.

763. When your plans work out the way you’d hoped.

764. When you didn’t do your homework and your teacher decides not to collect it.

765. Discovering something is within your price range.

766. Waking up and realizing it’s the weekend.

767. When people remember to return to you what they borrowed.

768. Finding out you have the same interests as someone else.

769. Perfectly toasted bread.

770. Reaching the word count on a paper.

771. Receiving a text from someone you were just thinking about.

772. Realizing you’re not the only one.

773. Finding a shortcut that makes the work you’re doing so much easier.

774. Watching movies in class without having to do a worksheet.

775. When someone says something you were just thinking.

776. Watching kids be amused by the simplest things.

777. Getting a good score on a test you studied really hard for.

778. Waking up and remembering the good things that happened the day before.

779. A good night’s sleep.

780. When someone’s face lights up when they see you.

781. The innocence of a young child.

782. Midnight movie premieres.

783. When you finally remember where you recognize a person from.

784. Getting the window seat on a plane ride.

785. Creating something new out of something old.

786. When someone remembers the small details about you.

787. When a baby sneezes.

788. Receiving home-baked goods on your birthday.

789. Realizing you have fewer things to do than you thought.

790. The center of a cinnamon bun.

791. Long weekends.

792. Successful last-minute plans.

793. Getting into a warm car when it’s cold outside.

794. Hearing someone talk about what they’re passionate about.

795. When someone pays you back the money you forgot they owed you.

796. Clothes/shoes that allow you to be comfortable and stylish at the same time.

797. Unexpected hugs.

798. The pop sound when you twist open a Snapple lid.

799. Typing really fast with no mistakes.

800. Rainy days in bed.

801. Making accidental discoveries.

802. When the sun comes out from behind the clouds.

803. Catching someone smiling to themselves.

804. When a friend goes out of their way to help you.

805. People-watching.

806. Cracking glow sticks.

807. Being interested in what is being taught in class.

808. When your hot chocolate reaches the perfect temperature.

809. Realizing there’s an epilogue at the end of a really good book.

810. Sweater weather.

811. The anticipation before a big vacation.

812. The first time listening to your favorite song.

813. Finding out that something is easier than you thought.

814. Inscriptions written inside old books.

815. Listening to someone laugh after they’ve been crying.

816. Watching puppies play.

817. Warm water on cold hands.

818. A movie marathon on a rainy day.

819. Heart-to-heart talks.

820. The way the house smells during the holidays.

821. Putting on your makeup perfectly.

822. A newborn’s fingers and toes.

823. When someone values your opinion.

824. Being able to see the floor of your room after cleaning it.

825. When someone tells you they like the sound of your laugh.

826. When there’s just enough milk left for your cereal.

827. Reading a good book on a rainy day.

828. Christmas decorations.

829. The first sip of coffee in the morning.

830. When the soda you pour reaches right at the top and the foam doesn’t spill over.

831. The taste of water after a workout.

832. Receiving a care package.

833. A new pair of shoes.

834. Home-cooked meals.

835. Surprise visits.

836. Hot soup on a cold day.

837. When everyone in the car starts singing along to the song that’s playing.

838. A smile from across the room.

839. The sound of footsteps on the snow.

840. Seeing lighted Christmas trees through windows at night.

841. The first bite of your favorite meal.

842. Waking up on Christmas morning.

843. Having such a good time with someone that you lose track of time.

844. Memories that can make you laugh years later.

845. Arriving at a new place without getting lost.

846. Movie nights.

847. Rediscovering old music.

848. When someone uses your name in a conversation.

849. Goodnight texts.

850. Handmade gifts.

851. The way street lights shine on wet pavement on rainy nights.

852. Getting the bigger half.

853. Witnessing a child’s “firsts.”

854. Finally finishing something you’ve been working on for a long time.

855. Feeling tea warm you up.

856. Watching a movie the second time and noticing things you didn’t realize before.

857. Waking up to snow.

858. A genuine smile.

859. Finishing your homework early.

860. Payday.

861. When fresh-baked goods make the whole house smell amazing.

862. Winning a bet.

863. When someone comes to an event to support you.

864. Finding something new to add to your collection.

865. A day devoted to pampering yourself.

866. Watching someone open a gift you know they will love.

867. Hearing the words “I love you.”

868. Rollercoaster pictures.

869. Waking up and realizing you have the day off.

870. Puppy breath.

871. When your loved one cooks for you.

872. Hearing the voice of someone you’ve missed.

873. Soda in glass bottles.

874. The feeling you get after a good cry.

875. When you stop and realize how perfect a moment is.

876. Parking your car perfectly on the first try.

877. Pens that make your handwriting look better.

878. Family dinners.

879. The first day it’s warm enough to wear flip-flops.

880. Oversized sweaters.

881. Listening to someone’s heartbeat.

882. Finding something you made when you were a kid.

883. Being yourself around your best friends.

884. When someone appreciates what you do.

885. Tears of joy.

886. Overhearing funny conversations.

887. Successfully removing a stain.

888. When the subway doors stop right in front of you.

889. Finding money on the ground.

890. Effortless conversations.

891. Knowing a song before it becomes popular.

892. A hotel room with a nice view.

893. Watching popcorn pop in the microwave.

894. Watching a person’s eyes move back and forth as they read.

895. A dog’s happiness as he’s sticking his head out the car window.

896. Receiving a gift card to one of your favorite stores.

897. When you actually look good in a picture.

898. Getting your back scratched.

899. Free shipping.

900. Sliding across the floor in your socks.

901. Photo booth pictures.

902. Summer plans.

903. A visit from your favorite relatives.

904. The end-of-the-school-year feeling.

905. Blowing bubbles.

906. Freshly squeezed lemonade on a hot day.

907. When someone shows you how much they care.

908. When animals sneeze.

909. Realizing you’ve finishing all your work for the day.

910. Helpful customer service.

911. When you look at the clock and realize it’s almost time to go home.

912. Walking across the stage at graduation.

913. A movie with a great soundtrack.

914. Wearing your favorite outfit.

915. When everyone at a potluck eats the dish you brought in.

916. The way little kids hold onto your finger instead of your whole hand.

917. Experiencing new cultures when traveling.

918. Birthday surprises.

919. When someone notices when you’re feeling down.

920. Seeing sunlight shine through tree leaves.

921. Putting on pajamas after a long day.

922. Finally getting out what was stuck in your teeth.

923. Rubbing your eyes after taking out your contact lenses.

924. Watching kids play.

925. Seeing people have a good time at an event you organized.

926. Summer evening walks.

927. Watching a movie in an empty movie theater.

928. Buying lemonade from a little kid’s lemonade stand.

929. Summer night fireflies.

930. Comfort food.

931. Playing with a newly bought electronic.

932. Hearing someone sing when they think no one is listening.

933. Being read to.

934. Licking the spoon after baking.

935. Eating watermelon on a hot summer day.

936. Successful shopping trips.

937. Being welcomed wholeheartedly into a group.

938. Seeing old couples still in love.

939. Inspiring quotes.

940. Finding the perfect emoji for a text message.

941. Sleeping in brand-new pajamas.

942. A person’s sleepy voice.

943. When your crush messages you.

944. Actually seeing results from diet and exercise.

945. Days when you feel pretty.

946. Beach hair.

947. When someone says they are proud of you.

948. The way the ends of your hair feel after a haircut.

949. When your pet chooses to sleep next to you at night.

950. Decorating your new home.

951. Making new friends on your first day of school/work.

952. When your blinker is in sync with the car in front of you.

953. Good morning kisses.

954. Listening to music with a new pair of headphones.

955. Satisfying your sweet tooth.

956. The sound the plastic cover on library books make when you open it.

957. Watching your new pet explore the house for the first time.

958. People who just get you.

959. Taking off your makeup at the end of the day.

960. When something you dread gets canceled.

961. Fresh starts.

962. Doing what you love.

963. When you nail a performance you were nervous about.

964. The smell of a new box of crayons.

965. When someone sends you a song because they know you will like it.

966. When class lets out early.

967. Seeing people do good deeds.

968. When you friends come visit you when you’re sick at home.

969. Being called someone’s other half for the first time.

970. Accomplishing more in a few hours than you normally do in a day.

971. Finishing your research paper and closing your browser tabs one by one.

972. Laughing at your own humor.

973. Firm handshakes.

974. Good karma.

975. When you wake up thirsty and there’s water by your bed.

976. Unexpected wins.

977. When your grade goes up.

978. When you run a stale yellow light and see the car behind you did the same.

979. Getting social media notifications.

980. Hearing someone snort when they laugh.

981. The excitement when you hear the beginning of your favorite song.

982. Runner’s high.

983. When someone you just met says “hi” to you.

984. The look on a parent’s face when they hold their baby for the first time.

985. Putting socks on cold feet.

986. Feeling satisfied after a delicious meal.

987. When the dentist sprays water over your teeth after all the scraping.

988. Seeing someone’s soft side.

989. Seeing a kid read your favorite book from your childhood.

990. Recalling good memories with friends.

991. A cup of tea and a good book.

992. The comfort of being in your own home.

993. Free food.

994. Reuniting with a loved one at the airport.

995. Waking up all warm and snug in bed.

996. Watching people passionately do what they love.

997. Laughing so hard your stomach hurts.

998. Those “I love my life” moments.

999. Knowing you made a difference.

1000. Counting your blessings and realizing just how amazing life is.

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