Hi! I'm Nancy. This is a blog I made to list some of the many little things we should appreciate. Here are life's simple pleasures that are often overlooked. The everyday ounces of happiness that are right under your nose. Enjoy!



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Little Things Make A Big Difference

This is collection of some of the messages I received during the first year since I created this website (in order from the oldest to most recent). Most of them were sent anonymously. The main purposes of this page are to show that little things do make a big difference and to thank those who’ve sent me messages like these. So, to everyone who’ve sent me messages: even though I might not reply back personally, please know I read every single one of them word for word, and they really do mean a lot to me. It’s incredible reading through these and seeing how one simple website can affect the lives of so many people, from making a person smile to saving lives. Thank you so much!

"Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.”

—Robert Brault

"This blog saved me from suicide. It made me realize all of the things I love and will miss. Thank you."

"I just want to commend you on starting a blog that highlights the POSITIVE things in life. It’s so refreshing to see that there are still people out there trying to spread a positive message about life and appreciation towards even the simplest things. The world is a slightly better place because even if your blog only brought one more smile to the face of a single follower, it left an impact on the world because one smile is the start of countless ones. Once again, kudos!"

"Your blog puts me at ease. It’s like therapy for a bad day. Thank you."

"Recently I was diagnosed with epilepsy and it’s been really hard to deal with. Your blog has made me realize that I can still be happy about the little things in my life despite that it hasn’t been going to well. Something little that made me happy was when I got back from the hospital after being diagnosed, my friend told me that he was proud of me for being strong and that he admired me."

"Just within the last few months, two people I knew committed suicide. Everyone then made comments about how much these people will be missed & how amazing of people they were. Why did all these people have to wait until it was too late to say all these things? I read through every single post of yours in one sitting, and then made a point to send this link to everyone I cared about along with letting them know how they are one small thing in my life that makes me smile. I truly think your blog is amazing & is changing people for the better! Keep up the great work."

"Every time I tell somebody about your blog I feel like I’m doing them a favour."

"Hi! I know you probably get this a lot, but I just wanted to let you know how much your blog has helped me. I’ve been really depressed the past few weeks, and today was definitely one of the worst days. But I came across your blog, and I can’t even express how grateful I am for it! It’s impossible to be unhappy while reading these little things. I read every single one tonight, and for EVERY post, I could think of at least one happy memory to go along with it. It made me realize my life isn’t really half as bad as I’ve convinced myself it is, and I DO have things I love about the world and I DON’T want out of it yet. I just wanted you to know that your blog IS changing lives. Real lives! Thank you thank you thank you SO much! I can’t wait to have Little Things pop up in my dash everyday and remind me of this feeling. Thank you!"

"I just had to say something after pouring over your blog for awhile that this is an amazing thing you have done for so many people that you probably don’t even know. I have had a rough year and have felt very alone sometimes and reading this and seeing things that I thought only I noticed genuinely made my day a little brighter and my mood a little better! So thank you. And keep it up!"

"I share a blog with my two best friends, one of whom which found you…tonight was the first time I ever read your blog. It’s wonderful and endearing and charming and sparkly and lovingly sincere. I don’t know who you are, but I’m glad you’re around. Thanks for the smile."

"I have been severely depressed lately, and earlier when I just didn’t know what to do; I began to read your blog. It actually made me feel happy, which is something I haven’t felt in awhile. So I just wanted to say thank you. You help people more than you may know."

"I don’t have a Tumblr, but I’ve bookmarked every page that I’ve found interesting, and yours has to be my favorite of them all. With Americans suffering during these hard economic times, you remind us there are more things to be grateful for than there are things to worry about. Tumblr may not know you, but we can only imagine how beautiful you are inside and out. It takes an incredibly unselfish person to sit and count each of our many blessings. It’s only a matter of time until we see your Tumblr featured in a magazine for continuously inspiring us all. You’re changing the lives of many and we have an angel like you to thank for that."

"You are the best thing since sliced bread."

"Your blog really reminds me of almost everything I could’ve appreciated but was too ‘busy’ or ‘blind’ to do it. It’s nice to know that every time I click on "little things" I can remember part of the things I missed, and so enjoy it nowadays. I truly thank you for showing the beauty of the simple."

"My grandma just began dialysis treatment and my mom has been pretty stressed and really exhausted from taking care of her. My mom didn’t get home until midnight tonight but when she got back, we sat at my kitchen table and looked through every single one of your posts and laughed and shared stories for almost 3 hours. Thank you. It was the happiest I’ve seen her in nearly a month and that means the world to me."

"HI, I just wanted to say I love your blog. When I was on a down-side, my friend gave me this url and at first I teared up because it reminded me of so much but after it made me so happy. So, thank you so much!"

"Your blog is the greatest ever. It makes me smile, post after post, and I can’t describe the feeling I get when I can relate to the things you post. Amazing! Finding your blog made my day, thank you. I think I will go print some of the posts and carry them in my wallet, so I allways can be reminded of all the small, but good things in life."

"Hey, your blog is really great, it actually means a lot. The first time I was on your blog I was only like ‘hm okay it isn’t very bad, but not that special’ but now I have a lot of problems in my homesituation, and I was very down, and when your down and you read your blog, it really cheers you up. I was really like, sh*t, I hate every f*cking thing in my life, but when I read your blog again, I start appreciate every little thing around me. It’s not that I am very happy right now, I still feel down, but it’s a good start you know. I think this blog means very much to a lot of people."

"Hey there, I have been suicidal for about over a year now. And I just would like to say since I have been reading all your "little things" it has made me come to realize how amazing life really is, and the people in mine. I would like to say thanks for making my smile on every new picture you have blogged. THANK YOU for making me realize life is more than all the sh*tty stuff that happens in life."

"Thank you so much. I constantly struggle with depression and Bipolar disorder but your site never fails to bring a smile to my face. I hope you realize how amazing this really is and how much it helps me try to find the little glimmers of happiness even when it seems like the sadness just overwhelms it. I hope you continue to keep this up. - Mike"

"I just discovered this blog today and I think it’s saved my life. I’ve just dropped out of University after a suicide attempt and I was feeling as though life was totally pointless. Seeing all these ‘little things’ - and recognising some that have made my day in the past - have made me realise that even though i don’t know where my life is going in the long run, I have things I can enjoy every single day. Thankyou so much, you have no idea what you’ve done for me."

My friend has had a really horrible past so she’s kind of distant and depressed most of the time. But I showed her your blog and now shes like a completely different person! Thank you so very much for making such an amazing blog.”

"Ahhh just reading every one of your posts gives me the urge to smile and before I know it I’m sitting here smiling at my screen like a complete fool. But thank you, every single ‘little thing’ is seriously amazing!"

"I’ve tried killing myself a few times in the past and I’m bipolar and have been very depressed lately but then I came across your blog by accident and it has made me realise how I can really appreciate the little things and has really helped me so thank you."

"Can I just say this whole day I wasn’t really happy. But I looked at your blog and it made realize I have experienced so many of those things and that I have it pretty good and that I shouldn’t complain because others have it worse. Thank you for making see that those things are things are actually to care about."

"I just finished reading all the little things & I must say that I absolutely adore what you’re doing. It really helps people realize how wonderful their lives really are. Keep up the good work!"

"This blog really makes me happy, thank you. So much."

"Just thought you should know that you are helping me thru the hardest time of my life, it’s actually turning into a good time, thanks to you."

"So, the past few weeks have been a really low point in my life. With all aspects of it. But, I found this blog and wow. It made me realize that I should be grateful of every little thing. Thank-you!"

"Your blog is so beautiful - I find myself almost in tears as I scroll through it. I guess it’s just an amazing comfort to know that there’s someone else out there who finds happiness in the smallest things - I really don’t have anyone in my life who does that. Thank you."

"I love this blog so much. I think it’s wonderful to appreciate the simple things in life, because all big things are made up of littler things. Sometimes people get so caught up in "the big picture" that they forget to stop and look around and appreciate all the amazing things life has to offer, no matter how small they may be. So I just wanted to thank you for making me smile."

"I don’t think you truly understand how captivating your blog is. It’s become my escape from reality, so to speak. It still amazes me how something as simple as pointing out the smallest, most overlooked things in life and placing them on a blog can save me from suicide. Thank you, mere words can’t express what I feel."

"I just read all of your "little things" and I remembered instantly what life’s about. I’ve been so sad in the last time and I obviously forgot about life’s beauty. I just had a blast reading and relating these things with my life! It’s awesome to know that I can get happy from these simple stuff. Thanks haha."

"Your blog is one of the rare blogs one can find that creates an honest smile to appear on my face. Thank you so much."

"I just wanted to let you know that your blog is truly heartfelt and loved by many. A lot of people (including myself) get so caught up in pointless things like money and cars that our society thinks is important and forget about "the little things." You should know that you have touched many peoples’ lives by reminding us what is reallyyyy important in life. So for that, thank you, on behalf of myself and many others that I know are thinking the same thing. We all love you, and keep posting!"

"I was contemplating cutting myself once again and my friend called me (without knowing my thoughts of the moment) and mentioned this blog. I went on it and started bawling. I didn’t even pick up a razor blade that night. Your blog saved me from cutting but had me drowning in my tears. Thank you for helping me remember to appreciate the little things, and live in the moment."

"I just want to say that your blog is one of the best I’ve ever come across, it lifts my mood and just reminds me of how appreciative I should be of all the good things that are and happens in this world. Keep up the good work."

"I’ve been keeping up with your blog ever since you made it, and it really has helped me live a better life by enjoying the little things. Thank you."

"I cannot thank you enough for all the joy you bring me whenever I see a new post from you. Everything is just so perfect."

"You’ve listed over 400 things about my life that I appreciate. Things I never would have thought of. Things that make me happy. I’ve just been so depressed when all of these lovely things are right under my nose. Thank you."

"This is one hell of a blog, makes life worth living."

"This is the most genuine and beautiful thing i have seen in a long time. I am so thankful that someone has taken the time to share and remind people that simple things in life that can make us happier than material things. I can never hold back a smile and laugh when I read over the "little things" because I too often find myself agreeing with everything! Thank you so so so much!"

"My life right now has definitely not been the easiest and I’m not going to spill it out over an ask, but I just want to thank you. I am now reassured that even though there are times where I won’t always get my way and I’ll be down to just remember that there are more joys in life to be upset over a few things. Your blog is amazing, I love it."

"I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been having a horrid last few days and reading your blog almost made me cry because it helped me to think of all the happy, well, little things! Thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

"Your blog is so incredible! I’m going through pages and pages and literally smiling at everything! I can relate to it all. And it makes me happy when I read one that reminds me of a certain moment or reminds of something that I forgot brought me joy. I love your blog, keep it up, it’s amazing!"

"I may not knowing you in person, even who you are, but I dare to say you ARE a wonderful person! You saved so many people’s live by creating this blog, posting these little wonderful things and share it to us. You saved me too, I never realized there are so many simple joys in this world. Thank you! God bless you!"

"…You reminded me of all the things I would miss and regret leaving. Thanks for saving my life."

"You make me want to be a better person."

"To start off, I really hope you are proud of your blog and your self. Who knew some thing so simple could really be so beautiful? It’s really an awesome thing to say that you have saved a life, let alone saved multiple lives. I’m a strong believer in celebrating the little things, and have written many papers about this idea. This blog is refreshing, fun and really easy to read though and relate to. Thank you for that, keep doing what your doing."

"I’m sure you get plenty of people telling you stories about how they are down and this blog helped them back up. But I just hope you read this and know that I appreciate this blog so much. I haven’t been able to crack a smile in three days due to a personal reason. Many people may think that three days is nothing, but for me — it’s forever. This blog made me smile. It made me realize that I can’t just mope and be so pessimistic; I have to look at the positives and be more optimistic, and to appreciate all the little things. I can’t stop smiling. Thank you, just thank you."

"Your blog is truly genuine and amazing. I’ve been following your blog for a couple of months now, and every time I feel down over something stupid, I come here to cool off and cheer up. However, when I look through the list of little things, I realize how much I need to cherish them in my life, since there are others out there who don’t have these little things to appreciate in the first place, like air conditioners or a fridge full of food. So thank you for opening my eyes, and hopefully the eyes of others to take a step back and appreciate just how much they have got in their lives."

"This blog seriously makes my day. I always go on here when I’m feeling down and it never fails to cheer me up. Thank you for having this blog."

"I was feeling really down, just the usual night time depression. I have trouble coping with things in general and a lot had gone wrong over the past few months. I came onto this blog to just look around and every single one of these posts reminded me of something I’ve done in the past, or just made me remember the good feelings in life. I found myself smiling by the second page. So I guess the reason I’m saying all this is to thank you, it really made my night a whole lot easier."

"I suffer from paranoia, and other schizo-affective disorders, as well as severe anxiety and I just wanted to say your blog is the best thing that has ever been introduced into my life. Thank you so much, I’d be worse off without ever finding this."

"You have made so many people look further into the meaning of ‘little things’. You have made so many people happy, and confident in their lives. You are an extraordinarily amazing human being. Who has single handedly changed lives. I appreciate your doings. Keep it up."

"Haha it may not seem like a big deal but you seriously just saved my life. It sucks wen your considering doing it, an someone says go kill urself, or go die on a hole. Man being picked on sucks, and others think that your strong on the inside, like you have a will of steel not to cave in, but really they have no idea about the conflicts you have in your mind, to some wat people get is worse than me, but I guess theres a certain amount we can take. I was tumbrlin, and I stumbled upon your blog when I wasn’t feeling the best and was stumbling down a path towards hanging myself in my closet, but then I read a fair few of your posts and each and everyone of them made me feel better until I could laugh at them and think how true they all are, you reminded me to enjoy all the little things alrite! shit may be tough for you, it may seem like it’s the end, but in the clouds of despair there are cracks where hope shines through and warms us up, for me your blog and what it means was that sliver of hope to hold on to, and it reminds me now to never give up fighting. Thankyou so much you are an amazing person!! You are such good person I owe myself to you!! I want you to promise me you’ll never give up what your doing for me and others who seem to be losing their battles, even tho it may be small, what you’re doing, believe me it makes a hell of a difference! Thankyou so much!!"

"I just spent the majority of the last two hours reading through this entire blog. I’ve been having a stressful time lately and these really made me smile."

"Okay, you probably get this a lot..but I’ve really been feeling down lately, and it has seemed like every little thing just has gone wrong for me. I’ve spent a few nights not being able to sleep, and I’ve been crying alone before bed a lot.. but tonight I clicked on this blog by accident, and I must say.. reading these things has actually made me genuinely smile..so thankyou so much for every little thing you’ve written on here, it has made me care less about the bad stuff, and made me appreciate the little things that make me happy. I love your blog, lots and lots."

"On June 10, 2011 my mother was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. On June 11, 2011, I came across the blog. Whether you’re religious or not, I do believe that God is working through you to make people remember that this world is beautiful in everyway and that we just need to look past the storm, to the place where there are no clouds and remember that we’ll be there soon. Your blog has helped my family and I so much throughout this last month and I wanted to thank you for that. In peace."

"I absolutely love your blog. It’s perfect in everyway. I am currently recovering from the addiction of cutting and sometimes when I’m feeling down I just come here and read these over and over again. It really makes me feel better and realize the good in life. I think it has helped me actually try to maintain the relationship with my boyfriend that I so badly want. Thank you so much. I want you to know you saved my life."

"I cried every night for the past two weeks. But every night, your blog help me put down the pill bottles. Thank you for saving my life."

"Hello! I just wanted to say that the past month has been really hard on me. I have been trying to overcome my eating disorder and my cat (who I have had since I was a young child so he was pretty much my best friend) died. Looking through your blog has made me SO happy. It’s helped me realized all the small things in life I love and why it is important for me to just live and recover. Thank you so much! You truly are an amazing person."

"Your blog has managed to make me smile even when I’m in the worst of moods. You have also helped me realize that there are several things in life that go unnoticed even though without them we wouldn’t be able to continue on with our life. Kudos to you for doing an amazing job."

"You’re changing and saving lives. You honestly helped me out of my depression. Thank you."

"Hey there! I am 14 years old and I just wanted to say that I am absolutely in love with this blog. I am currently recovering from an eating disorder that if I had let get any worse, it could have taken my life, so seeing these posts of the things that I love about life really makes me happy that I chose the path of recovery. I am going to start a notebook where I write down all of these posts to look at when I am struggling. Thanks so much for being such an inspiration!"

"My friend showed me your blog today at work. When I got home, I literally sat in my comfiest pajama looking like a hot mess eating a pint of my favorite ice cream and genuinely smiled for the first time this week. I read the entire thing. Thank you!"

"…Thank you for making this blog, really. Such a good rescue."

"…I suffer from depression and people always tell me to look at the bright side of things or to appreciate the little things in life. I couldn’t help but think they’re crazy because I just couldn’t find any beauty in anything. Your blog helped me realize why life was really worth living for. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. -Marilyn"

"I absolutely love your blog. It makes the world seem so much brighter."

"My best friend suffered from depression and I knew it. Everyday, I used to print out one of your posts (a different one each day, of course) and give it to him. Today, he told me he stopped cutting, and it was all because of the notes I gave him.You saved his life. I can’t thank you enough. Really. I don’t know you, but you’ll always be one of the people I’ll owe for the rest of my life. Have a wonderful day."

"So the little things in my own life are what keep me going. And then today I found your blog. And I couldn’t appreciate what you’re doing more. Thank you."

"Hey, I’m from Portugal. (just so you know that portuguese people see your work!!)I started to follow you just today (!), and I’ve seen that you, with this little things, have done so much, to unknown people… That really makes me happy! I’m not one of those, who have suffered breakdowns, depressions, and that sort of things, but I must admit: you made me feel grateful for the life I have. Damn, there’s so many good things in life!Thanks and keep up the excellent and amazing work! I don’t know you, but I love you."

"You probably get this everyday, but you should know your blog is one of the reasons for which I smile no matter what I’m going through. It reminds me of how beautiful little details and moments are, how they can get to someone’s heart and how grateful we should be for having the opportunity to experience them. All I want to say is thank you for reminding me and everyone else of them and congratulate you for having such and incredible blog!"

"Every time I’m having a really bad day or I’m pissed off, I always come to your blog and it helps remind me all the little things in my life that really make me happy. Thank you so much, really, words can’t explain how much your blog means to me."

"This blog made me smile sooooo much! I think it was definitely what I needed right now in my battle against depression. Thank you for the amazing work, and keep it up!"

"Last night I almost committed suicide. I felt like I had nothing more to live for, until I found this blog. It has saved my life and I am so grateful that I stumbled upon it. Thank you."

"I just wanted you to know…when I read your blog…I don’t need my antidepressants."

"If you make this as a book, I will be first in line to buy it. This blog is so beautiful. I’m always amazed most by the little things, countless being one’s you’ve mentioned here. Everyone should read this. Amazing work."

"I hope you know how special you are for doing all of this; my life was changed in ways unimaginable and indescribable!"

"HELLO. You’re such a genius for creating a blog like this. Thank you for making me (us) realize and value the "little things" in life. Whenever I read your posts, I just feel so blessed TO HAVE A LIFE. When I am down, I just take a look at your blog and I instantly smile; when I feel like everything’s out of control in my life, your blog makes me realize that there’s so many things in life that I should be happy and thankful about. I can go on and on but to sum everything up, I just want to thank you for creating this blog. Thank you for making 300,000+ people (including me) smile. And most of all, THANK YOU FOR BEING AN INSPIRATION not just to me, but to everyone following you as well. Even though, I don’t know you personally, I know that you’re an amazing person and I hope that you’ll never change. Congratulations on the success of your blog. And more power."

"I really like your blog, because my outlook on life is appreciating the little things, and not worrying about the big things. Everything that you post is something that I love and makes me smile. Your blog is like a little ray of sunshine! So thank you."

"I absolutely love going on your blog and reading it. I even laugh to myself when I read something and I get that, "I know what you mean" feeling. You remind me that there’s always something to be appreciative about. Thank you."

"My mom always tells me ‘Raelyn, it should always be your goal to make as many people smile as you can.’ And with this blog I feel like you’re making a ton of people smile every day and that makes you such a wonderful person so, thank you so very much."

"I’m sure you get this all the time, but I really do love this. I just went through the whole thing and almost every post brings up some memory. Some of them even bring tears to my eyes. Thank you. So much."

"You seriously change lives. Even though its just the Internet and everything, you are inspiring and have honestly opened my eyes to how beautiful the little things are.. I used to partake in self harm but your blog has worked wonders and I forever thank you."

"I just read through your entire blog, and it absolutely made my day! I love the feeling of making people happy, and your blog inspired me to try and do that more. It’s made me a better person. Thank you so much for that."

"I found your blog today and I wanna say thank you. I actually think this made my life better. When I read all the little things I was like : ‘They do make me happy’ I didn’t even know they did."

"You are touching so many hearts out there. Including mine. you’re blog makes me smile on the hardest of days. You’re doing something amazing! Thank you."

"Your blog has literally brought me tears of joy. I can’t even begin to explain to you how happy it makes me."

"Hello. I’m in such a bad time in life and I wish it was over. You are one of the small amount of things giving me a slight smile. I thank you so much. I don’t know what I can do with the situation I’m in. I wish I was following you from the start. I really do. I truly thank you so, so much. Please, don’t stop."

"Just wanted to let you know that I love your blog. I started following it at about number 100, and since then I’ve made it my home page so that I can look at it every day. I can’t express in words what your blog means to me, and to everyone else who follows it. Thank you so much, you are truly one of those people who was born to have an immense impact on tons of people’s lives. Keep it up."

"Once I was going through your blog, one of the posts made me smile. My mom asked me what I was doing, so I showed her your blog. Then she called my dad over and for a complete hour we were going through posts and posts on your blog smiling and laughing. Thank you for that."

"I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. A few months ago I was in a bad place. I couldn’t find happiness. I stopped eating to get thinner, but still I wasn’t happy. I thought ”Once I’m perfect, then I will be happy.” I became sadder and I started cutting and thinking of suicide. Until I stumbled upon your blog. It made me realize that every little thing is beautiful. Now I notice every little, wonderful thing and thanks to you, I am finally at peace and more importantly, alive and happy."

"I know you probably get this a lot— (and now that I think of it, you probably get THAT line a lot too) but your blog made me cry. Absolutely no reason except for the fact that you have found a way to make everyone that reads it solely focus on the good things in life. Another good name for this blog would have been "reasonstolive" because you have no idea how many lives you’ve saved and how many perspectives you’ve turned around. You are a beautiful person, keep it up."

"This blog gives me a reason to smile."

"This is the only site that helps me feel better when I’m feeling down in the dumps, thank you."

"I am dealing with the death of a loved one for the first time. My grandmother is sick, and is in her final stage of life. I have begin realize that I have been taking life for granted, and have been overlooking the "little things". Thank you for reminding me to appreciate hugs (#483), smiles (#468), skies (#398), life (#449), memories (#346), and most of all, family (#395). I love your blog; you’re doing a great thing."

"I used to be depressed, but I’m fine now, so I only recently came across your website. I saw it and it made me realise that I did not ever ever want to go back to the way I was because it made me realise how much happiness there really is in life. I’ve now told all my friends about your website, and they think it’s amazing. This really made me realise how good life really is. I think you must be a really amazing person, you have saved so many lives. Keep doing what you are doing."

"Your blog has seriously changed my outlook on life, as cheesy as that sounds. Getting older, you usually take a lot for granted and forget about what’s important. I’ve been reading your blog for over an hour, and being reminded of the little things has made me feel happier than I have in a long time. I will recommend everyone come and look at this blog. Thank you so much."

"This is probably one of the greatest things I have ever seen. I check this every day. Recently I’ve been dealing with depression and I’ve been so upset that I want to end my life. I know that’s the worst thing to do. So I read these. It brings me back to realize what I really do appreciate, and it’s everything on this list. I love it so much. Please don’t ever stop this."

"Hi, I just wanted to let you know that my best friend is suffering with depression and I thought I’d make a collage of my favourite "Little Things" and print it out for her to keep to remind her of the little things. When I was going through a rough stage this was one little thing that helped me. Thank you."

"I’ve always dreamed of being a 5th grade teacher that the kids would love. One that encourages kids and lets them know how beautiful they are. When I saw this website, I knew the perfect way to give hope to my students; hang these little gifts of inspiration all over the classroom. And when something makes them smile, I’ll know that I’ve done my job. Thank you so much, from me, and my future students."

"I just started following your blog today while talking a friend out of suicide. Thank you for helping me stay positive and save her life."

"I’ve had the worst two months of my life. So far, I’ve cut, had suicidal thoughts, stopped eating, thrown up all that I had eaten and then today, I stumbled across your blog. It has seriously made me so happy. It’s cheered me up immensely and I want to thank you a million times over for creating it."

"Your blog is such an inspiration for looking at the glass half full rather than half empty and appreciating the little things in life. If everyone read your blog the world would most definitely be a better and happier place. Thank you so much for sharing!! Can’t thank you enough for putting a smile on my face just describing these great little things."

"I’ve only recently stumbled across your blog. I want to thank you so much for this blog, because I’ve felt terrible and unneeded quite a lot recently. Honestly, reading through the first few pages made me burst into tears as I realized that I complain so much about things, that I don’t stop to appreciate these little things that make life worthwhile."

"I am seriously BLOWN away at how significantly better this blog made me feel. I felt extremely bad just a few minutes ago and suddenly I feel great! I thought what everyone had been saying wouldn’t affect me but I’d really like to see someone NOT feel better after going through this blog."

"I just wanted to tell you that I stumbled across an image of ‘the little things’ and I loved the saying. I was curious about the tag in the bottom right corner so I searched your blog and fell in love. I’ve been going at this for 45 minutes reading all the little things smiling page by page the entire time. Im ‘the glass is half empty’ kind of person, this shows me theres more to life then the materialistic things that i feel the world would end if I couldn’t have. Thank you so much for that!"

"Although English is my second language, this is the first site that I open everyday. Thanks a lot from here; from Iran."

"Your blog is truly amazing. As a teen with depression and anxiety, and can honestly say that you have made my days better. Thank you."

"Thank you for this blog. I’ve been battling depression for a while now, and this helps me enjoy the little things, and that helps big time in the long run. Thank you."

"So many times people who are down look for something big to bring them back up, but thank you for reminding everyone that it really is just the little things in life that can make you the happiest."

"I suffer from depression, and this has helped cheer me up today. Reading through, it really made me smile and it’s made me re-think a lot of things, and whether life is really that bad. Thanks for helping me realise, it means a lot to me."

"I just want to let you know, that lately I’ve been a little bit down, but after reading your blog, I appreciate life so much more. Thank you so much."

"I’ve attempted suicide twice, and thought about it a 3rd time. But my girlfriend saved my life. When I started reading this blog, it reminded me of my girlfriend and how much she tries to help me feel better about who I am everyday. I used to hate myself because when I was little no one liked me. But now I found someone that does, and a blog that gives me extra help. Thank you so much for helping me through that dark time."

"Hey, I know you probably get about 1000 messages a day probably all saying the same thing, but, I just want to let you know where I stand with your blog. My life hasn’t exactly been a walk in the park and i think I can honestly say, no ones is. But, for awhile I never saw the point in anything, Nothing would get me anywhere. I was at a dead end. One day, I was on tumblr and I found your blog, And it changed my Life. So I want to say thank you, for sticking with it and saving me."

"Thank you for you list, I don’t think I have enjoyed reading something this much in a long time!"

"My mom is a psychiatrist and I told her about your blog and that she should show it to some of her patients that are suffering from depression. Today she came in and told me that a lady had gone through every single one of your posts and she thanks you. By making this blog, you’ve really had an impact on people’s lives!"

"When I feel like sh*t, I come to this blog and recharge myself. To remember the good things, and to look forward to more of these little things. They’re more like little "miracles". Thank you."

"This blog made me remember all the things I miss about the people I love. Brought back a lot of good memories from January onwards that got buried under all the troubles that came rushing my way. *happy tears*"

"Your blog has given me a warm feeling inside. It has made me appreciate life in a whole new way. It has made me realize so much. Every post that I read is with a smile. Thank you so much."

"I’ve been feeling very depressed for a very long time now. I have been crying myself to sleep at least once a week for about a year. The latest two weeks I haven’t fallen asleep happy even once. But this evening I came to your blog for the first time and I’ve read through ALL of the little things and now for the first time in a very long time I’m going to bed with a smile on my face. Thank you."

"I’m not even kidding, I’ve been more depressed recently than I’ve ever been in my life and this is the first time in months that I’ve felt happy and smiled like this. You are truly inspirational."

"I just want to say that my friend’s dad has cancer and only has one more year to live. My friend is really emotional right now. I showed her this blog and she literally went through the whole thing laughing and crying the whole time. Thank you. It made her so happy."

"Recently my friend became depressed. She’s seeing a therapist now but I was thinking of ways to help her before, and I remembered your blog. She talks about it all the time. I think you saved her life. You brighten my and my friends’ days all the time. You’re so inspiring and should be so proud of yourself! It’s a great thing you’re doing."

"I just want to say that when I’m having a bad day, reading these posts remind me why it’s worth living life."

"I think it’s really hard to make someone truly appreciate something and your blog does exactly that! It’s my sanctuary when times are hard. Reading it little by little just makes me want to cry. I just truly want to say thanks I really appreciate it."

"My mom is suffering from depression and substance abuse. Every morning I text her one of the little things. And every day she tells me she loves me. I truly think these have saved my moms life. So thank you."

"I’m an RA at a university and I printed out 60 of your "little things" to use as door decorations, welcoming each resident with their name and your words to make them smile!"

"You are wonderful. Every single "little thing" has put a real smile on my face. Not the "haha" or "lol" kind of quasi-happiness you find in so many places today. You make me smile that big, toothy, raw and unabashed smile that spreads like wildfire to everyone around you. Thank you, thank you, thank you - I am a considerably happier person."

"I randomly came across this, and the first couple of things made me laugh and smile, and then I just kept reading and reading and by the end, I was crying. I didn’t really realize that little things like these could have such a big impact on my life, and it made my day so much better. I showed all my friends and they love it too. I’ll continue to read everyday, thank you so much for making this. You don’t understand how much I appreciate it. God bless."

"I just read the whole list of little things and I can honestly say your blog has helped me so much. Thank you for opening my eyes for the good things that life offers. You are truly amazing."

"Whenever I’m having a bad day, I like to look through this list and check off all the things that happened to me. It turns a bad day into a fantastic one."

"Hey! Your blog is so inspiring! I’ve struggled with depressions for years now, and your blog helps me open my eyes and see all the little things in life. Thank you so much! I share your blog with all my friends, and they all love it! This is my favourite web site ever!"

"I just wanted whoever made this blog to know that every single one of these things make my day. This is why life is worth living, and it takes a really special person to recognize all the joy that you do and share it with the world. Thank you so much!"

"This blog is so beautiful, honestly. It made me realize how precious life is, and it’s all because of the little things that bring a smile to your face. I only discovered this today, and from now on I’ll see this blog as inspirational. You should be so proud of what you have done with this, making people all over the world find that little bit of happiness they forgot about. Thank you."

"You have done wonderful things with this site. I’m amazed at what it has done for people and so glad that this is available for anyone who feels like they want to give up on life, no phone calls to strangers on help hot-lines necessary. Thank goodness that there are people like you on this planet. I hope you never give this site up. It really does brighten my day and remind me about what’s truly important in life—the little things."

"You must be an angel or something! Thank you for creating this blog. It’s so easy to be pessimistic and only focus on the negative, but this blog really shows me how good it feels to think positively and appreciate every part of life. This blog is amazing. I feel so happy I could cry reading your posts. I even put this page on my Bookmark Bar."

"Oh gosh. I dunno what to say. I’m just… really grateful to this blog. I am suffering from on and off depression, and this blog really makes my day that much better. I wish I knew this existed before. It would’ve made so many things so much easier. I always try to take everything for granted, but as a kid growing up, that’s not too easy. Thank you, that’s all I can really say. Just… thanks. I hope someone will bless your day like you did mine. CB"

"When my boyfriend’s grandfather died, I texted him things from this blog every couple hours as thoughts of joy. He tells me it helped a lot."

"Once I was feeling really, really depressed. I was even considering - for real - killing myself. I used to think that life was worthless, meaningless and sad. I didn’t want to live anymore. But then my friend sent me the link to this blog. When I saw the three first posts I started to cry, because they made me realize that life isn’t that bad. Life’s good, actually. Every time I get sad, angry or even depressed I visit this blog. It always makes me feel better. So thank you."

"Your list of little things is breathtaking. I have been depressed for about a year and a half now and my parents want me to start going on medication. Yet this makes me know why I am here and the little things in life that can make a day that much better. Thank you for everything you have done, it’s given me a whole new outlook and even if it is only for a few seconds today and the next, you have made my day so much better. Peace, love, and warm smiles."

"I read every single one of these. It put me in one of the best moods ever! All I can say is thank you so much!"

"Recently I’ve been really depressed, but a friend of mine shared your blog on Facebook. Intrigued, I clicked on it and it turned my life around. Thank you for this; we don’t appreciate the small joys enough. You’ve really made the world a better place, for at least one person."

"I just want to say, I absolutely love your blog and I love seeing that you and this blog help people through incredibly dark times. Thank you so much for starting this blog and continuing with it. You are a truly amazing person."

"This site has saved me from suicide. Twice. Thank you for showing me all of the things to live for."

"Thank you so much for your blog. A friend told me about it after I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease and was feeling really down. Being so sick I’ve had to give up lots of things that meant a lot to me, but your blog has cheered me up when I’ve felt miserable about what I’ve had to give up. Thanks for reminding me that there are still always lots of things to happy about."

"After a long stressful week, I came across this blog, and a smile creeped its way onto my face because it made me realize how beautiful the world really is. It made me look forward to all the little things I’ll get to experience as I grow up, and appreciate all the little things I’ve experienced in my past. It made me smile to think that there are people who take time to write all these little things down. So thanks for making my day!"

"Smiles, daily. Thank you."

"My Grandpa is in a coma, healing from surgery, and to make the little kids feel better, I told them I would read him 20 of these great little things, and they would keep him alive. And he is truly getting better every time I read to him. Thank you."

"I’m a girl amputee and that is REALLY hard. It’s the “little things” people take for granted that I would give anything for. I’m missing my right hand and I can’t but my hair in a ponytail or tie my own shoes. I’m also missing both my feet and all I want is to go on a beach and feel the water wash over my toes and feel the sand under my feet but I know I never will. I have thoughts of suicide but your blog really helps me see that it’s kind of okay. Thank you."

"This is worthwhile."

"I just got back from a missions trip in Mexico, and I’ve been feeling really down because of how messed up our culture is here. I’ve been having a hard time coming back and finding things to be happy about; usually I’m really positive but it’s hard to find that happiness back. Coming back onto your website is really helping me along. Positivity is so important, and I really appreciate what this website is adding to the world. So thank you."

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